Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Followers!

Well we have all come to realize that I stink at this blog thing!!! I really meant to go on here Feb 17th to post that it was a year since my surgery! So....I will do it now.....I am now a year and almost a month cancer free! Better late than never posting.....Things have been going great....We are winding down the school year and I am trucking it along with the students. They are having a good time watching my hair grow. One student asked me one day what I thought it was going to look like as it kept growing...they are very observant....I might actually have to go get a haircut b/c it is getting a little bushy! Fun times!
I have now started physical therapy again...this time for my neck....I have been having some neck problems..not sure if it is from accident me and mama were in or if it is from everything I have been through.....basically I am slouching alot....which is causing my neck muscles to tense up...along with all the other tensions in my life! So...I have gone for two visits so far and gotten some stretches to do.....crazy that someone is paid to tell me to roll my shoulders and neck..but hey....if they get my neck be it! hopefully i wont have to go long.....that is my goal!

I plan on having my next surgery this summer to remove my ovaries..don't have that scheduled yet....but know i want it done this summer so that worry is out of the way

Jackson will take his first AR test Friday...He got to go MOnday to pick out a "real" library book to test on.....he has been able to just get whatever book but this time he had to actually get the book on his level...he is able to check out books that are kindergarten ninth month through first grade ninth month....we are so excited for him.....he is very ready to take this test....hope he does good on it.....he will have to read the test to himself on the computer...that worries me a little but i am sure he will be fine.....he is growing up......i will post a picture later of his spring school pics..he looks soooo big

All of our Texas family that hasn't seen him will be shocked when you see the picture...he looks like a little man! I better get all of those lunchroom kisses that I sneak by to get during the day.......before he tells me to stop.... :)