Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taxal tuesday

Well I am sitting here getting my taxal chemo treatment. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.......this is my sixth treatment out of eight....yay....my last treatment is June 27....I can't wait to be finished. This has definitely been a journey...one I don't want to have to do again. They told me today that I didn't need to take the premed steroids like I have been doing..that is great seeing that they make me gain more weight than I already have.....and they make me swell.....the scale is not my friend these days....I limit my scale us to docs visits...hahahah....will deal with the weight when this is all over and I get some strength back.....

Took Jackson yesterday to game time to play on the water inflatables....if u take ur kids there hope they play on more than just one of them....we have to get this kid to not be so afraid of water in his face...he better hurry up because he is about to take swimming lesson...we will see how that goes

This summer is going to be a different summer.....it is so hot outside....and I feel like all these chemicals make me even hotter....will have to find a lot of indoor activities to do with Jackson this summer...if u have any ideas please share.....

Fighting off a little cold right now I got from jackson....he made it all year almost and was absent on the next to last day of school...got a sinus infection....and I think he gave me a cold out of it...we almost made it with no sickness

Not too much to say today....just glad to have another day and just making it day by day :). Thanks for all your support

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This past week

And of course I am behind....so I will catch you up on my week.....Monday I started the new chemo treatment called taxol. One of the main side effects is joint/muscle pain...can't remember if joint muscle or bone...but aching......I have done pretty good this week.....still lost my taste buds but I didn't feel the yucky sick feeling I have felt with the other medicine. I started having aching on Wednesday I believe. Thank goodness for pain pills..I tried taking tylenol but it didn't help much so I started popping lortabs.......that helped. I can handle the aching a lot more than the yucky feeling I had with the other. Today is Sunday and I am still having some aching still in my legs...hopefully it will go away soon and I can have a good week.

Friday night was such a good night.....I got to participate in Morgan county's relay for life. This is such a great experience for anyone. If you have never been to one you should go next year. We had a team this year...Team Cofer.....thanks to my mom, Kristy Jenkins and anyone else that helped with our team for relay....the spray paint hair was a hit and nails too.....thanks to Kristy's daughter and nieces for helping.....we even had some zumba go on at our tent :).........Glenda and I participated in the survivor events.....they fed us some good food and gave us some goodies...and of course those of u that know Glenda know her good luck...she won two way radios......I won zip....hahahah...I thought surely I would be drawn for the blood pressure machine...darn......I then got up and said I was three months cancer free....yay......then we walked our long and slow survivor lap......this was emotional.....I probably would have been crying as me, Glenda, and Billy's dad walked our lap but I couldn't stop laughing at Billy being a photographer and chasing us around the track taking fifty million pictures.......photography is not his strong point........at 930 we all walked the silent luminary lap.....this is also so emotional.....thanks to those that purchased luminaries in honor of me and Glenda.....and thanks to my parents for the torch......this night was very special......I am so grateful for everyones support and love through all of this.......and thanks to Glenda for being my hat partner...I don't know about u but when this is all over we need to have a hat bonfire.....hahahah......

Oh yeah I forgot...when we were walking the survivor lap....we had Jackson as our cheering team...saying....go cancer team......he is so cute

We went to Baby Miller's baptism......she is so precious......and we were so excited to be a part of this special time......now she wasn't took excited about it all which made it all more fun.....once she got off that beautiful white dress and had some snack...she was all better......then we got to celebrate her first birthday....happy birthday miller...oh and Jackson was the best
dressed little man there.....he wore his suit ...and he was stylin.....he wouldn't even change out of it at the party.....no matter how red faced and hot he got...he kept that suit on.......he is a mess......

Well say a prayer for me because Thursday and Friday I am going to go to work for the last day of school and for post planning.....I was going back tomorrow for the week and then realized that wasn't smart...so I will go the last day......I pray that the students will be good to me that day and understand...I will keep my fingers crossed...maybe I should bring some bribing candy...hahahha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bad at blogging

Well I am bad at blogging. I haven't written anything since last Tuesday. I even forgot to do Wordless Wednesday....so I will have to post a picture today anyway. This week was a good week. I actually started feeling pretty normal.....it helps to have a week that I feel good since it seems the weeks of chemo are kind of rough. This fourth treatments wasn't bad...I was glad it wasn't like the third treatment. I am assuming the meds they gave me to take that week actually worked. Tomorrow I have my fifth treatment and the chemo meds change tomorrow. I will be starting my first round of taxal. I am a little worried because it is new and I don't know how my body with react. The doctor said that usually it gives people aching bones. I can handle that hopefully since I have already experienced that somewhat with my arthritis....I am sure it will be different. I am up for the challenge though. I only have four more treatments and this madness will be over (at least with the chemo).....

I am still continuing with my physical therapy. I have been amazed at how much it has helped with my right arm. I went in there without being out to straighten my arm and now I can straighten and lift my arm up to my ear (slowly).....They are still working on the cord in my arm that is tight....I get some massage therapy when I go to help loosen that cord....don't be jealous..it is not a fun massage....it is uncomfortable but if it works hey....bring it on.

Busy week this week: Treatment, Plastic Surgeon, 2 days of physical therapy, Possible White blood count shot, Jackson's prek cookout, Morgan County Relay for Life, Baby Miller's Christining and first birthday.....whew...I am tired just typing it all

Please say a prayer that this new medicine causes minimal side effects (hopefully it will be better than other chemo) and that I don't have to take that white blood count shot (which I feel makes me feel worse).

Oh yeah....can't remember if I posted this last time or not....I am now getting to sport a glove and sleeve to help bring down swelling in my right hand.....so when you see me you can give a little chuckle...but I know what you are thinking....."why is she honoring Micheal Jackson"....hahahah

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Half Way Point

So I have some good news....I am now half way finished with my chemo....Thank goodness. I have taken now all four treatments of the A/C chemo treatment...the A has a nickname of the "red devil"..if that tells you anything. I went today and got my white blood count shot...and the nurse said that they usually don't do it with the last four treatments....let's hope that is right....one less doctor's appointment. I hope that I have a better week this week than after my last treatment....so keep your fingers crossed...so far I don't feel too bad and last time by this point I could already feel that it was different. Maybe this new medicine they gave me to try Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will work. I go back for my next Chemo treatment on May 16th...I will start the four rounds of taxal...It is supposed to affect my joints more than anything...surely I can handle joint pain since I have had arthritis since I was 15.....we will see....bring it on! :)

I have other good news....Jackson did good on his kindergarten test...so he will be going to kindergarten test....thank goodness!!!! I can't believe he is almost finished with PreK and moving on to the next level......

He is definitely a trip....I asked him if he wanted me to print Nannie and Gambuh mother's day cards or if he wanted to make them one.....These were his words to me " You can just print them because I am going to save my energy"....Lord help us...hahah.....

Be ready tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday.....I will post some more pics! Hope everyone is having a great week to start off.....and say a prayer for me that I have a better week this week than after my third treatment! Thanks to everyone that reads my blog......:)