Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy tale Friday

Today was such a fun day. Jackson had a fairy tale ball today at school for pre-k. Such a cute and fun idea. The kids loved it. Jackson has been waiting all week for today. We even went and bought him a he was handsome. He was all decked out.....tie....pocket dress dress socks....his perk prom as mrs walker called it. They decorated the lunchroom with fairy tale theme. They had a red carpet for them to walk in on and then they walked through an arch. When Mrs. Walker said "Prince Jackson"...there he went down the red carpet. He was so stinking cute. I do have to say we have a dancer on our hands. While we were standing in line they had the music playing. The other prek teacher was out dancing with a little girl and next thing you know...there is Jackson getting down by himself. He didn't care. He was going to town. It was the funniest thing. He had the attention of the people around him....we tried to get him to go back again but he wouldn't since no one else was out there...guess he realized everyone was watching him. Both classes later did the cha cha slide......he had been waiting on that dance. I am so glad that I was feeling good today to be able to enjoy this fun. I even wore my wig today....I was a little uncomfortable in it...but I did get a lot of compliments. I even got to visit my kids was so good to see them and to be down there at my room. Didn't stay long with them....who knows what germs they have...hahahah.....they were funny asking me their names like I would have forgotten them...I won't ever forget them :)

I will try to post ball pictures...oh yeah....we have to work with Jackson because he had two girls ask him to dance and he wouldn't.....what was he thinking...hahhaah...guess trying to play hard to get

Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Week

Well sorry I have been out of commission this past week. I had a very hard time after my third treatment. I don't know why this one was different but it made me so weak. I had days where I just had no energy to get off the sofa. I felt like I was sinking into the sofa. It was not a good feeling. I really hope I don't feel like that again. I felt so bad that I didn't even go to the Easter Egg Drop on Saturday. If you know me, you know that I would not miss a picture opportunity! So I was defnitely feeling bad! I hope Nannie took pictures :) Yesterday I did venture out for Easter. I felt a little better but it was a very draining day. It was good to get out and see everyone after having such a rough week. And of course I took lots of pictures of Jackson :) I woke up today and I feel much better. Thank goodness. I still feel a little weak but nothing like I felt last week. I had my third physical therapy and I can already tell a difference in my right arm....Glenda you need to join me in physical therapy.....might as well....we have everything else close to the same ;)......You know you want to....just add that one more doctor to the list like me. The physical therapists have been great...I wish I could say that the deep tissue massage the do on my right arm is enjoyable but it is not a fun massage. I have two cords that have tightened up under my arm and they are loosening them up. Yeah I know it is as fun as it sounds. But it does work. I can now straigten my right arm and I think I am down to one cord being the problem. And it is farther up my arm now instead of at the bend of my arm. Not sure if any of this make sense....I feel like I have chemo brain these days...yes it is a real thing. I think I might have given it to Billy too! hahaha

Well I am not really digging this hat thing.....I am already tired of wearing I even ventured into the Georgia baseball cap.......I don't see how people wear baseball caps all the time. The bill is driving me crazy! Billy and the physical therapist said it looked cute. I tried to wear my wig Sunday and gave up on it looking right....I was also sweating so I just decided to go with a hat again....I am not the hat girl! Jackson even drew a picture the other day of me...and Mrs. Walker said at the end he say "OH I have to draw mommy's hat!"....Maybe I will play around with the wig again......

Well I have just rambled today ...not much to say except I was feel very bad last week and am finally feeling like myself again.....please keep the prayers coming for me and Glenda....WE still have 5 more treatments to go.

Oh yeah...and Billy has pulled his back out.......just adding to the fun times!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bring on the baldness

I have had a change of course these last few days......cancer patient is now slapping me in the face. I know I don't have cancer anymore because all the tests say it.....but I am now dealing with the chemo side effects....I have finally truly started losing my hair. For a few days it seemed normal.....random hairs coming out when I would put my hand through my hair. Well yesterday it really started......I can't even touch my head with many, many hairs coming out......ahhhh it is so gross......I see now why women go get their head shaved........everywhere I turn I am having to pick hair off.......I might have to go get a short hair cut like Glenda did today. Not sure how much longer I can take my hair coming out like this and it just started happening. I even resorted to wearing a hair net today to keep my hair from going all over the place.....only Glenda saw that pic..sorry not posting it......looked like I was ready to go rob a was scary looking......

I think Billy has now done it all......he vacuumed my back with the dust out that the lint brush works better

I am so excited today Jackson is coming back from Texas...he should be here any minute...he has been gone a week........he better be ready for lots of hugs and kisses.........hopefully my hair problems won't scare him...crap he said he would have trouble telling me, aunt glenda, and pop pop he might be shocked I still have hair....that kid is a trip........will post Texas pics soon

So people if you want to go out to eat with me coming up or to hang out with me you might want to bring your dust buster ....beware of falling hair...hahhahahah

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I won't let go

This song is so perfect for my life right is a very touching song and means so much.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I still have hair

Today is day 15 since my first chemo treatment. They said I would probably start losing my hair on day 7 or day 14. I know the inevitable will happen. I am to the point where if it is going to come out I wish it would start. Maybe I will get lucky. But if I lose my hair that is the least of my worries.

I went yesterday for treatment number two. So far so good. I guess I will never get used to one of the chemo meds being red! It is still very hard walking into that treatment area and seeing so many people going through the same thing I am. I really which they could find a cure for this. It is becoming too common. I got to my appointment at 1:15 and didn't get taken back to the treatment room until 2:30. I was one of the last patients to leave at 5:30. My next treatment is on April 18 and it is not until 2:10. So I will probably be even later getting out. I tried to get it for a morning time but they said I was considered a "short treatment....which Is a good I will suck it up and take my afternoon appointment.

I am kind of dreading this week because my first week of treatment was manageable but I felt so yucky all week. I can already tell a little bit of a difference today. I am still feeling good but I keep having a watery mouth and feeling like I need something in my mouth. Oh and these they are making me so puffy and flushed. Yesterday I told Billy I felt puffing and he said "not to be mean...but u r puffy."...hahaha...glad he can be honest with me. I go tomorrow to take my white blood cell shot to help boost my white blood count. It has the possibility of making me feel bad. Crazy how these medicines take one medicine to help one thing and it can cause other problems. I am taking a medicine to help with nausea and it can cause drowsiness, headache, and dizziness.....kind of funny in a way.

I went today to see my plastic surgeon for my saline to get these muscles stretched so I can get some new boobies in the future :). He was concerned about my right now I have to go see a physical therapist....just adding another doctor to the mix. Like Billy said..this is nothing compared to what we have been through. I don't go there until April maybe it will have loosened up,..I am having trouble straightening my right arm...I can use it but a lot of stuff I do with my arm I use it bent..but when I try to straighten it my veins in my bend of my arm bulge out like they are being pulled. So I guess I do need some therapy......with everything I have been through what is one more doctors appointment....if it gets me better BRING IT ON!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have an AVON website now

Visit to Burge Plantation

Yesterday we went to Burge Plantation for Jennifer and Brian's wedding rehearsal. This was the first time I have been back there since our wedding day on June 26, 2004. It is so pretty out there. I can't believe Billy and I have been married for six years now...closer to 7......and have a 5 year how times flies......The whole time I was there I was picturing our day and how beautiful it was that day.....I can't wait to see the wedding today...I know it will be so pretty....I love weddings! AND I AM VERY EXCITED THAT I STILL HAVE HAIR FOR THE the things that make me excited these days......

During the rehearsal Jackson came up to me and asked the funniest thing: "Mommy is daddy getting married to someone else"....hahahahh are so cute :)

Of course I have pictures of Jackson attached.....The ones of him in the grass between the trees is where we had our ceremony.....The one of him at the house is where we took our pictures and where I came out of the house with Daddy....and then I just knew he would look handsome in the rocking chair