Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a Sales Woman Now

So.....I decided the other day while I was sitting at home doing nothing (which is what I do these days when I am not at the doctor).........I want to sell avon....I know you are thinking...

"Is this girl crazy with what she is going through right now to start something new?"

It just hit me the other day that I have always liked buying Avon and Mama has always bought Avon.....why not sell it? One reason I decided was because they have items that go 100% to Breast Cancer Research......I have always supported and been on a Relay For Life team.....but now I definitely want to make sure I can get any money I can to research for this horrible disease..and to help others out there so maybe they can find something so someone else won't have to go through what me and Glenda are going through.

So today I met with Kristin Sorensen and the District Rep at Edwin Bean..which by the way is a neat little coffee shop and bistro in Covington. I got there at 11:30 and didn't leave until after 1:00.....It was alot of fun...I got a campfire mocha and a chicken sandwich...yum.....

They discussed all the sales stuff and how to get started....and I even had to write down my goals and 50 people I would sell to...I know....50 people...but guess what..I was able to come up with that many people....which they are all of you that are be ready....I have your name down...hahah...especially you Glenda...hahahah

Hey...I might even start recruiting some of you to sell under me b/c I can make money off of you......but then you wouldn't buy from me :(

I have my labels made and about to put on the books...and soon I will have my own Avon website....woohoo.....

So if you are reading and want some Avon....Call me......I can get you a book or when I get the website up, I will post and you can order from there

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