Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visit to Burge Plantation

Yesterday we went to Burge Plantation for Jennifer and Brian's wedding rehearsal. This was the first time I have been back there since our wedding day on June 26, 2004. It is so pretty out there. I can't believe Billy and I have been married for six years now...closer to 7......and have a 5 year how times flies......The whole time I was there I was picturing our day and how beautiful it was that day.....I can't wait to see the wedding today...I know it will be so pretty....I love weddings! AND I AM VERY EXCITED THAT I STILL HAVE HAIR FOR THE the things that make me excited these days......

During the rehearsal Jackson came up to me and asked the funniest thing: "Mommy is daddy getting married to someone else"....hahahahh are so cute :)

Of course I have pictures of Jackson attached.....The ones of him in the grass between the trees is where we had our ceremony.....The one of him at the house is where we took our pictures and where I came out of the house with Daddy....and then I just knew he would look handsome in the rocking chair

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  1. It seems like yesterday that you and Billy were married at the Burge Plantation. You are right it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony, for two perfectly matched people. May your love continue to grow !!! xoxo