Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Four days Down

Well I have survived the first four days of school. It is very different being back this year. A little more scattered and a little more tired! But I am getting through the days. Today around 10 it hit me how drained I was feeling. I think over time it will get better. I do feel like I am getting into the swing of things....the beginning of school is always crazy. I have a good group of kids and I really think they will be very understanding..hopefully..

I went today and go a second glove and sleeve. I have had to move up to compression class 2...which means they are tighter and will hopefully help the swelling stay down. My sleeve fit fine but my glove is being sent back because it was making my hand hurt and the fingers were too long on it. My lovely "transformer" arm is now gone and I hope I don't have to wear all that bandaging again any time soon. It made me feel 100 degrees hottter! I will just have to wear my old glove until the new one comes in. For now I have to wear the glove and sleeve for a while to make sure the swelling stays down...i don't think i will always have to wear it .....one day maybe it will be just for certain activities. I did get a lovely nightsleeve to wear at bedtime. It looks like an oven mitt all the way up to your shoulder with the fingers cut out of it..I will try to post a picture soon. Supposedly I will love the night sleeve....we will see...hahahah

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