Monday, July 18, 2011

Can I please move to the beach?

I just got reminded of how much I love the beach. We just got back from spending a week at Mexico beach. It was so nice to get away from my life of doctors and not do anything. Many days Billy woul have to come out to me and ask me if I was coming in yet....hahahaha. I just love the atmosphere of the beach. I love sitting, listening to the waves, and reading a book...ahhh so peaceful. Today was bam to reality.....long class for work. I can't believe I am going back to work nest Friday. Where did the summer go? I am very nervous about going back to work after being gone since February. Today wore me out and I just sat there in a is my usual schedule going to drain me. I am sure once my body gets uses to the routine I will be fine. But I am not going to lie....sitting listening to all this work stuff was a little overwhelming. When the other teachers were diacussing stuff for this year I felt so out of the loop. I even felt out of place....I know that will go away when I get back in the groove. At least I hope. So my question again is....can I run away and hide at the beach? Lol

Also. ...tomorrow I start going to the lymphodema specialist to work with her on getting the swelling down on my hand...she said she will probably wrap my arm and also I will probably have to get a night garment to wear on my arm to sleep in. Good thing is I will get a massage on my arm all these days. That is how she will try to work the fluid back up my arm. Something like that. So say a prayer that she get this swelling under control bc I don't want to have to wear this sleeve and glove all the time.

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