Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I still have hair

Today is day 15 since my first chemo treatment. They said I would probably start losing my hair on day 7 or day 14. I know the inevitable will happen. I am to the point where if it is going to come out I wish it would start. Maybe I will get lucky. But if I lose my hair that is the least of my worries.

I went yesterday for treatment number two. So far so good. I guess I will never get used to one of the chemo meds being red! It is still very hard walking into that treatment area and seeing so many people going through the same thing I am. I really which they could find a cure for this. It is becoming too common. I got to my appointment at 1:15 and didn't get taken back to the treatment room until 2:30. I was one of the last patients to leave at 5:30. My next treatment is on April 18 and it is not until 2:10. So I will probably be even later getting out. I tried to get it for a morning time but they said I was considered a "short treatment....which Is a good thing...so I will suck it up and take my afternoon appointment.

I am kind of dreading this week because my first week of treatment was manageable but I felt so yucky all week. I can already tell a little bit of a difference today. I am still feeling good but I keep having a watery mouth and feeling like I need something in my mouth. Oh and these steroids...man they are making me so puffy and flushed. Yesterday I told Billy I felt puffing and he said "not to be mean...but u r puffy."...hahaha...glad he can be honest with me. I go tomorrow to take my white blood cell shot to help boost my white blood count. It has the possibility of making me feel bad. Crazy how these medicines work...you take one medicine to help one thing and it can cause other problems. I am taking a medicine to help with nausea and it can cause drowsiness, headache, and dizziness.....kind of funny in a way.

I went today to see my plastic surgeon for my saline injection...got to get these muscles stretched so I can get some new boobies in the future :). He was concerned about my right arm...so now I have to go see a physical therapist....just adding another doctor to the mix. Like Billy said..this is nothing compared to what we have been through. I don't go there until April 18...so maybe it will have loosened up,..I am having trouble straightening my right arm...I can use it but a lot of stuff I do with my arm I use it bent..but when I try to straighten it my veins in my bend of my arm bulge out like they are being pulled. So I guess I do need some therapy......with everything I have been through what is one more doctors appointment....if it gets me better BRING IT ON!!!!!


  1. Praying for you. Hope you continue to feel "good". Please let me know if I can do anything for you. Remember, I'm only 2 minutes away Monday - Friday!!

  2. Thank you so much Michelle...You are so sweet...you never know i might take you up on that :)

  3. You're so inspiring the way you handle this all! And with a sense of humor! Always thinking of you!!

  4. Thanks.....i have to keep a sense of humor to get through all of this craziness :)

  5. I am so so proud of you and how you are handling all of this. You are an amazing person, and are going through this journey with such grace. I am so lucky to have you as a friend!