Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Followers

Well...I am a horrible blogger...I have not written on here in forever. It has been a lot harder to get this done since I have been back to work. Life is crazy! Jackson is now playing soccer with the YMCA and he is doing pretty good. He is doing so much better than he did two years ago. He is really getting in there. They won one game and lost one game. The game they played Saturday..they won 7-0! He didn't score a goal yet. He is good at assisting and then the other player scores. It is so much fun watching him out there. He always looks over at us after a play is done and either gives a thumbs up or an arms out expression if he can't believe what just happened. I will post some pictures of his games.

I am doing good medically. Things have been calm lately. Thank goodness. Doctors appointments are pretty spread out. I have been having some trouble with my arthritis infusion not lasting the whole 8 now they have me back on steroids until my next infusion...hopefully we can get that working again...b/c I hate being on a steriod. I will have my reconstructive surgery November 21st. I was planning to have it October during our break but I was concerned about not having enough recovery time. When I have it in November I will have the whole week to recover. I don't go to the oncologist again until December. In December I will have another CT scan mainly for mine and Billy's sanity. They usually don't do one this soon but he said we could if we wanted to. So of course we said yes! I am going to hold off on the "girl" surgeries.....I went to a new gyno and she said that she didn't recommend me having a hysterectomy but to have an ovarectomy..not sure the spelling......she said that I could do it laproscopacly (sp).....I think I will wait until the summer time though. With having such a high chance of ovarian cancer this will be a good thing to have done. With having this said.....I will not be able to have my own child again..which is heartbreaking to me since I was planning on that...but Billy and I have agreed that if we still want to have another one, we will adopt in a few years. I am just happy to have Jackson and for him to be healthy. I don't want to put myself at risk to have another and then have something happen to me.....

Well enough of that talk....

I am so happy to not have to wear a hat anymore....My class has been so great about it to. My hair is coming back in pretty fast. Excited to have my new little short do! :)

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