Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Half Way Point

So I have some good news....I am now half way finished with my chemo....Thank goodness. I have taken now all four treatments of the A/C chemo treatment...the A has a nickname of the "red devil"..if that tells you anything. I went today and got my white blood count shot...and the nurse said that they usually don't do it with the last four treatments....let's hope that is right....one less doctor's appointment. I hope that I have a better week this week than after my last treatment....so keep your fingers crossed...so far I don't feel too bad and last time by this point I could already feel that it was different. Maybe this new medicine they gave me to try Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will work. I go back for my next Chemo treatment on May 16th...I will start the four rounds of taxal...It is supposed to affect my joints more than anything...surely I can handle joint pain since I have had arthritis since I was 15.....we will see....bring it on! :)

I have other good news....Jackson did good on his kindergarten test...so he will be going to kindergarten test....thank goodness!!!! I can't believe he is almost finished with PreK and moving on to the next level......

He is definitely a trip....I asked him if he wanted me to print Nannie and Gambuh mother's day cards or if he wanted to make them one.....These were his words to me " You can just print them because I am going to save my energy"....Lord help us...hahah.....

Be ready tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday.....I will post some more pics! Hope everyone is having a great week to start off.....and say a prayer for me that I have a better week this week than after my third treatment! Thanks to everyone that reads my blog......:)


  1. You are ALWAYS in my prayers !!!! Miss you !!!

  2. Prayers sent up for you to have a better week!

  3. praying that your definately feeling better this week! congrats on the halfway point, that's a big deal. :)